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Mom Stress!

From Chaos to Calm: 3 Health Hacks to Manage Mom Stress and Tension

Alright, Moms, here we go. Most of the content we put out on this platform is for you and your kiddos because we know in your heart and in your head they are always your number one priority. Your days are filled with ensuring your children have everything they need, from meals to appointments to extracurricular activities, to their health. You devote so much time and energy to your family that you often neglect your own well-being. Being a mom is one of the most incredible jobs, but also the hardest to keep up with and one that can be so overwhelming and exhausting.

But I am here to tell you that there is a way through it. As a pediatric and family chiropractor, I have had the opportunity to help countless families, and my favorite moments are when moms ask for help with their own health. So, let’s talk about three quick and practical health hacks that can help you improve your well-being, even with a busy schedule.

Firstly, let me emphasize that these hacks are real-life applicable, considering how packed your schedule is. We understand that you don’t have the luxury to take a month off and go to a wellness retreat. Instead, our focus is on maximizing your time with quick and easy solutions that can fit into your daily routine.

With the insider tips and tricks that I’ve been able to share with hundreds of patients, you can tackle motherhood feeling like a whole new person. You’ll be the kind of mom who can handle anything that comes your way, all while exuding a sense of mystical energy. You’ll be able to sleep without constant anxiety and stress and without the tension that so many moms feel in the “mom zone” – the area between your shoulders and at the base of your neck. I’m going to dig into the causes of this stress and tension and how to alleviate it so that you can be the best mom possible.

Many moms that we see in our practice are accustomed to putting their own health on the back burner and instead prioritize their children’s wellbeing. However, I often ask these moms to consider what it would look like if they made their own health a priority. In response, I have heard many moms express that they feel like it is impossible to live a life free from stress and anxiety. They may feel like they are beyond repair due to chronic health issues and a feeling of being constantly tired or anxious.

But the truth is, you can take control of your health and kick the crap out of your stress. It is not necessary to rely on medication and caffeine to get through the day.

By prioritizing your nervous system and well-being through chiropractic care, you can become more resilient, energetic, and less anxious. As the boss of the family, you have the power to model healthy behaviors and create an environment of wellness in your home. 

If you want your children to be healthy, resilient, and full of energy, it starts with prioritizing your own health.


Mom Stress Is Real

The first thing I want to address is mom stress. It’s a real issue, and it often manifests in the neck, shoulders, and between the shoulder blades. This area is commonly referred to as the “mom zone,” and it can feel like a constant burden. As moms, we all know how life can get overwhelming, from managing group chats to waiting in the pickup line. The longer we’re stuck in this kind of routine, the more our stress builds up in our bodies. Thankfully, our first hack, neurologically focused chiropractic adjustments, can release that tension and bring relief.


  • Chiropractic Adjustments

The best part? It only takes two to three minutes. This is what we refer to as a “health hack.” Sure, a 90-minute yoga session, meditation, growing your own vegetables, and making organic smoothies are all great, but let’s face it, most don’t have time for that in day-to-day real life. The chiropractic adjustment is the most efficient way to reset and recalibrate the nervous system. It’s fast, effective, and feels incredible.  An adjustment is like a massage or yoga on steroids.

We are able to run our EMG scans to assess the stress levels of moms, and we can release that tension. But the benefits don’t stop there. Did you know that adjustments to the lower neck can also stabilize the thyroid? And by making adjustments to the middle and lower mid back, we can help to calm the stomach and adrenals, leading to improvements in gut health and anxiety. These adjustments are fast, meaning you can get in and out of the office quickly while still reaping the benefits of this powerful health hack.


  • Exercise

So what are the other two health hacks? First, let’s talk about exercise. It’s no secret that exercise is essential for our physical and mental health, but finding the time to fit it in can be a challenge for busy moms. My advice is to aim for at least 10 to 20 minutes of movement every day, whether it’s a quick run, a hit workout, a yoga session, or a combination of these. Even on the busiest days, those 10 to 20 minutes can make a difference in how you feel and function.

Of course, if you can carve out an hour for exercise each day, that’s even better. But don’t discount the value of those shorter workouts. Put it in your schedule, block it out, and protect it. Prioritizing movement, even in small doses, can help you be more productive and efficient throughout the rest of your day.


  • Supplements

Finally, let’s talk about supplements. As busy moms, we’re often running on fumes and can benefit from some extra support for our adrenal and nervous systems. Supplements like magnesium and zinc can help support healthy neurological function and provide an energy boost when we need it most. Take a few minutes each day to incorporate these supplements into your routine, and you may notice a big difference in how you feel.


The Importance of Prioritizing a Mom’s Health

Moms, I could go on and on. I love to talk about the importance of chiropractic care not just for your children but for yourself as well. I have seen firsthand how prioritizing your health can positively impact your life and your family’s life.

When you’re able to do all the things you need to do as a mom without the exhaustion, anxiousness, irritability, and fatigue that come with receiving chiropractic care, you become more resilient and adaptable. This leads to a more enjoyable experience for both you and your family.

Let me share a story about one of the families I am currently taking care of. They drive an hour to see me at our clinic here in the suburbs of Chicago. The mom brought her son, who is on the spectrum, and her middle school daughter, who was experiencing focus and anxiety challenges. But what’s amazing is that the mom realized the importance of stress on the nervous system and asked if she could receive chiropractic care too.

After six weeks of care, I noticed a significant change in the mom’s posture, face, neck, and shoulders. I asked her how she was feeling, and she started to cry. She said that receiving chiropractic care had changed everything for her. She used to be consumed with stress and anxiety, which led to her yelling and screaming at her kids. But now, she is much more relaxed and happy, which has made their family experience more enjoyable.

Our PX Docs network believes that moms shouldn’t have to feel tired and anxious all the time. Instead, we focus on restoring and rebuilding your nervous system through chiropractic adjustments.  We will be the first to cheer you on to get your workouts done and supplements taken. When your nervous system is functioning at its best, everything in your life will follow suit.

That’s why we offer care for the whole family, including moms, dads, and kids. We believe that when the whole family is under care, they can become healthy for a lifetime. And when kids see their parents prioritizing their health, they’ll be more likely to do the same.

If you’re not already under care, I encourage you to check out our PX Docs directory to find a PX Doc local to you and make an appointment. Don’t put off prioritizing your health any longer. You deserve it.

Take care, and God bless.


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