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About Generations Chiropractic

Dr. Collen playing with baby

A Journey of Discovery

We have a simple goal at Generations Chiropractic: Help families get healthy and stay healthy. Dr. Colleen thinks of herself as a guide on your journey of discovering what true health is. Much of what we’ve been taught over the years doesn’t ring true with many of our patients, who are seeking a more holistic, natural approach to conceiving and raising their families.

Dr. Colleen has been practicing chiropractic for nearly a decade, and she’s seen many miracles happen in that time. She has two kids of her own, has suffered a miscarriage and knows the struggle of trying to create the pregnancy and birth process you want, when the medical community is telling you something different.

Dr. Colleen opened Generations Chiropractic in Batavia so she could provide the type of care she’s passionate about close to home, helping other moms in the community that she loves.

Success Stories

We see miracles nearly every day. A common scenario is pregnant patients who’ve been told they’re just going to be in pain for nine months and to “deal with it,” finding pain relief, improved sleep and increased energy with our chiropractic care. We love empowering patients with the tools to create the pregnancy and birth process they’ve always wanted.

The same is true with infants and children—so many conditions are considered “normal” childhood ailments that kids will grow out of. But chiropractic care can give your kids a healthier nervous system, so they don’t have to suffer with colic or ear infections or rounds of antibiotics. We want to show you there’s a way to approach your family’s health care that is holistic and natural.

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